Floating/Modulating valves can offer the force from 500N to 16000N .

SR series actuator could offer 1800N to 3000N for the valve stole up and down . also can display the full stroke position and signal feedback . 

SL series and SF series valve bodies are widely used to control water flow in central air-conditioning, heating system. Controlled by standard floating signal or 3-point signal from angle rotation actuators, the valve can be rotated to different angle. The sizes from DN15 - DN400.

Main Features
1. Big caliber option:DN15-DN400

2. High cut-off differential pressure and low rate leakage. For high-end valve

3. With High quality material Valve body: utile iron. Valve stem and code: stainless steel.

4. More than 100,000 life time.

5. With exterior design popular in the market.

6. Matte paint technology is adopted on the surface treatment.

7. V- ring stealing gland + stainless steel spring auto-compensation