SHF02-04 4N Damper Actuator

SHF 02 series are for adjusting the Air Damper. The series are widely used in the building automatic control system

of heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and cooling.

SHF 02series air damper actuators provides the 4-32N.m Torque. Every torque have two types to be chosen:

Digital input (ON-OFF)

0(2)~10V and 0(4)~20mA proportional input

Main Features

  • Direct installation, no adaptor needs, saving installation time and costs.
  • Control board has a current limiting function, without limit switches, reducing the power consumption and increase the drives reliability.
  • Manual switch control simplify field adjustment, allowing manual operation in emergency situations.
  • Universal collar designed provides a simple method for field adjustment shaft angle.
  • Easy to see position indicator